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Our Portfolio of Recent Work

Keyword Research & Strategy

All websites developed come with an initial seed based keyword strategy in place. From there we continually review Google Search Console combined with competitive targeting and keyword trending to continually update your content / marketing strategies targeting users throughout all stages of the buying decision. 

Analytics & Lead Generation

Our services include the usage of extensive industry approved tools to ensure we are always keeping an eye on whats important and working to improve your overall lead generation from the website. Services include but not limited to Google Optimize, MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, CallRails and more.

These tools combined with our attention to detail and continual strive improvements is who we continually succeed to improve our clients conversions 20% or higher Year over Year. 

Technical SEO

My expertise in technical SEO has been developed through the process of working through large complex websites with pages exceeding millions in some instances. Audits are developed through a strategical process of understanding all of the issues discovered, how to fix them and prioritizing them based on impact the changes will have on your overall marketing efforts combined with efforts needed to execute the recommended changes.

Technical Auditing Expertise include international, server speed, mobile friendly design, canonicals, pagnation, schema, rich snippets, amp, analytics, penalty corrections and more.

Paid Search

The combination of my agency experience with personal clinetelle has always offered me the unique opportunity to learn from the best and grow my personal skills in this area. During a campaign launch as tempting as it is to launch a campaign to budget right out the door. I have found that the best strategy is usually found in soft calculated launches and growing outward. 

Social Marketing

Social marketing has become a very organic approach at nurturing prospects, increasing brand awareness and overall brand advocates. Marying the analytics provided from captivated audiences across your other marketing strategies has quickly become an absolute necessity in online marketing. 

Email Marketing

 Our email marketing services include creating user generated email lists throughout your websites user experiences and creating / segmeneting signups based on their subscription point and offering them just in time email communications.

We start this process by analyzing your websites existing content and building unique subscription boxes and email entry points for website visitors to sign up – often by offering them a coupon or free asset in exchange.

As the lists build we will work with your team to create a series of automated responses based on the method of how they were added to the list.

This technique is proven to increase repeat customers as well as future brand advocates and often results in being one of most rewarding revenue generating tactics within a marketing strategy.

*Sorry. We do not work with email lists purchased from 3rd party vendors.

Website Security & Maintenance

We understand the importance of ensuring your website is clean, upgraded and constantly monitored for domain expirations, hosting downtime, email, secured certificate renewals and protected from hacking efforts. When you sign up with our website hosting services we handle all server issues in-house and are there when you need us most. 

Jessie Hartman – Founder and CEO

Greetings from Sun Prairie Wisconsin! My name is Jessie and I am a 22 year veteran everything online related to your business guru.

What Does That Mean To You?

In short it means that over the years I have vast amount of experience in handling tough situations from starting a new website to battling harsh google penalties and ensuring my clients come out on top. Over the years I have developed a keen “spidey sense” through countless attempts at being one of the first to implement new technologies and tactics in the ever changing landscape of digital marketing. 

Website Sites That Convert.

 I regularly work with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, OSCommerce and most custom web coded websites (including e-commerce). I believe working with my team you will find that we take the extra time to add finishing touches to every page we build with conversion points in mind.