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Remarketing is a strategy that allows your business to reach out to people who have previously interacted with your website. By targeting them specifically using ads you can increase exposure, re-ignite their interest and divert them back to your website to make a purchase.

Compare Your Marketing Packages Now

Compare Your Marketing Packages Now

In order to accomplish that however, your remarketing campaign needs to be able to engage people effectively. Accomplishing that isn’t easy, but there are several ways that you can optimize your campaign and improve your odds:


Carefully Decide on The List Membership Duration

It may be tempting to choose the maximum list membership duration that is possible (e.g. 540 days on Google Ads), but that isn’t necessarily the best choice. At the end of the day, you don’t want your ads following people around for longer than is necessary, or engagement will definitely plummet.

Set Frequency Caps


Set Frequency Caps

Frequency caps will let you set daily, weekly, or monthly limits for the ads that people see. It is crucial that you set them up seeing as your goal is to nudge and remind customers as opposed to stalking and hounding them.

The exact frequency caps you should set may vary from case to case, but in general, it shouldn’t be more than 14 per week.


Narrow Down The Targeting

Remarketing will target people who have visited your website in the past, but if you want to improve engagement you should narrow down the targeting further. Try to specifically target demographics that are most likely to be interested in your products.


Ditch ‘Low-Quality’ Visitors

Just because someone has visited your website in the past it doesn’t necessarily mean they were actually remotely interested in it. The quality of the interaction that people have with your website will normally hint at their level of interest, and you can narrow your targeting to ditch ‘low-quality visitors that have bounced or only spent a few seconds on your website.

Split Up and Structure Remarketing Campaigns


Split Up and Structure Remarketing Campaigns

For best results, you should split up your remarketing campaigns. In some cases, you may want individual campaigns for each list, while in others you may want to split the campaigns based on their goals.

By structuring separate remarketing campaigns, you will be able to track their performance and optimize each one.


Make Sure There’s Continuity

The key to successful remarketing campaigns is continuity. Ideally, when users see your ad they’ll recognize its branding and associate it with your website. Even if they don’t at first, after seeing several ads it should leave an impression on them.

To pull this off, the branding of your ads needs to be strong. One of the best ways to do that is by prominently displaying your logo.


Stop Ads from Appearing on Unwanted Content

Odds are there’ll be some content types that you don’t want your ads to be displayed on. Typically it is best to exclude content such as error pages, forums, parked domains, and adult websites.


Initially, it is best if you don’t exclude too many types of content, and instead track their performance before making a decision.

If you follow these steps, the engagement of your remarketing campaigns should be much higher. As you can see your goal should be to position your ads in the right places and in front of the right group of people so that you can slowly reel them in.

It should be noted that although remarketing is very effective – results can vary a lot. More importantly, what works for one remarketing campaign may not work for another so you’ll definitely need to experiment quite a bit.

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