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Optimizing Your Facebook Business Profile

Are you trying to market your business on Facebook but find that the results are lackluster at best? While there could be many reasons for that, one of the most common is that you your Facebook business profile may not be optimized.

Simply put, your Facebook business profile will act as the ‘face’ of your business on Facebook and a de facto ‘second home page’. If it is not optimized it may leave a bad first impression – and you only get one of those.

The good news is that it really isn’t all that difficult to optimize your business profile. In fact all you need to do is:

Add your business logo as a profile picture.

It will accompany all of your page updates, which makes it extremely important.

Choose an eye-catching cover photo

That lets people know more about your brand, its products, or special promotions. If you want you can change it from time to time or during different seasons.

eye-catching cover photo fb

Pick a good vanity URL

That is simple and concise. Ideally it should be facebook.com/yourcompany, but if that is taken try to find the next best thing.

a good vanity URL fb page

Select the right template

For your business profile based on the niche that you’re in. Facebook offers a lot of options, such as services, shopping, business, and so on.

Select the right template

Fill out as many fields in the About page as possible

To include a description of your business, its website URL, location, opening hours, contact details and so on. The more information that’s there, the more people can find out about your business.

Add a page call-to-action (CTA)

i.e. a button that sits below the cover photo and will let you convert leads from Facebook. Some of the CTAs that you could choose from include ‘Book now’, ‘Call now’, ‘Start order’, and so on.

FB Page Call-To-Action

Create page tabs relevant to your business

To help people learn more about it and the products it provides. For example you could add sections for a list of products and services, promotions, campaigns, and more.

Create Page Tabs Relevant to Your Business

Pin important posts to the top of the page

so that they’re the first thing people see before they start to scroll. It can be used for announcements, special offers, features, or even just to highlight good content.

Enable reviews

To let customers provide feedback and rate your business. Although this move can cut both ways, in the long run it will help establish credibility.

Enable Reviews

Enhance Facebook messenger responses

By setting up a welcome greeting, enabling ‘away’ messages, and using saved frequent replies. It may be a good idea to look into a chatbot if the volume of messages is high.

Enhance Facebook Messenger Responses

Publish great content

That is useful to your followers. Try to mix in a healthy dose of original content – especially in the form of images and videos. Be sure to avoid any ‘low quality’ content as that could compromise the quality of your entire business profile.

Publish Great Content FB

Communicate with followers

By replying to comments or responding to messenger conversations. If you personally talk to your Facebook followers it will let you build a stronger relationship with them.

Communicate with followers fb

As you can see these steps aren’t particularly complicated, and yet if you follow them you should be able to dramatically improve your Facebook business profile. That in turn will help you to increase its engagement levels, attract more followers, and convert more of them too.

It should be noted that Facebook is constantly releasing new features to help businesses connect with their followers, and you should try to stay as up to date as possible. Some features may be able to help you to optimize your business profile further, or improve your engagement levels in other ways.

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