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Building Positive Reviews is Critical to Business Success in Today’s World

Building a Strategy for Positive Reviews

Once you’ve shaken hands on a deal, it doesn’t take long to gauge how good or bad of a decision it was to work with your new partner in business.

Whether you’re a customer making a transaction or working B2B, the first time that a promised service is not delivered correctly–or at all–you’ll find yourself temple deep with frustration about working with a 2nd-rate company. You’ll think: What else will go wrong? How much of my time and money is about to go down the tubes?

Crowdsourced Reviews Matter

As a result of crowdsourcing, you don’t have to wander into business deals blindly anymore. Google’s 5-star rating system can tell you all you need to know about businesses at a glance. Found on Google’s SERP to the right of each qualifying result, gold stars reflect the ratings and reviews that people have given the business over time.

If you are a business, this is a feature you should not only be aware of, but should be actively leveraging energy toward. Targeting high ratings is healthy. High ratings reflect excellent service, high-quality products and/or deliverables, a healthy company culture, and, most importantly, satisfied customers.

Can’t Hack This

Star ratings are somewhat hackable but gray-hat hacking techniques are counterproductive here. Around 15% of reviews on the web are phony, self-created by companies to try to project a forced, fraudulent view of their brand into the public sphere. But this isn’t such a good idea, because real reviewers are savvy to this weak strategy and it frustrates them.

More often than not, companies will get called out for creating fake reviews, leading to worse reviews and further sinking ratings. Let this sink in: when customers and other businesses see a one-star or no-star rating, they will stay away, far away. When customers see phony, all-praise ratings paired with highly negative ratings, they will, again, keep their distance.

Earn Positive Reviews

So, the best strategy is to set your company on a trajectory for garnering great reviews from the get-go. You should take a hard look at your business and ask these questions:


  • Is our pricing fair?
  • Is our service responsive?
  • Are the products or deliverables we produce of high-quality?
  • Are we putting the customer first?
  • Do we consistently meet or exceed expectations?



The best non-hack hack for getting great star reviews is to routinely deliver excellent service and politely ask for your customers to give you a review. This is smart and effective, because most satisfied customers, after getting what they want, will move on and forget to leave a review. But customers that have bad experiences are loud. An angry customer doesn’t have to be asked to amplify their thoughts.


Of course, if your business strategy is centered around doing great work for clients and customers, then those positive reviews will follow. Great work begets great work. And once your business is recognized for delivering quality work through the star ratings system, you’ll have the bonus of dealing with customers that are excited to see what you will do for them.

Think JHartman Consulting!

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