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JHartman Consulting provides Facebook Ads and Facebook Targeted Campaigns using best practices with top-tier branding and content to provide you with higher Click Through Rates ( CTR ) than other agencies can provide. We do this by laser targeting your niche with new tools from Facebook to give you better reach and higher revenue.

Let us put smart Facebook Ad Campaigns to work for you with strong advertising experience that shows your customers they’re working with the best.

Staying ahead in the marketing rush, and keeping a stronger brand than your competitors, can go a long way to increasing traffic into converted customers and revenue you can really see. We provide both the ad creation, placement and audience creation as well as the tracking and metrics to show you progress and give us more insights how to increase ROI and spend less at the same time.

We can also create custom adsets for your Facebook Ad campaigns, which go well with the website or marketing materials we have traffic funneling to.

If you are going to do advertising, do it right! Knowing how to access your market niche and where is a huge help when it comes to finding the right customers. We’ve done it many times before and we are ready to do it for you too.

Facebook offers unique advertising tools to help us squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar you spend. 

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