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Prioritize Your Efforts With an In-Depth Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Our Techncial SEO Audit Covered Everything Web.

During our technical SEO Audit we take a deep dive into your website and contributing digital channels and measure your existing performance against today’s best practices to generate a comprehensive easy to follow document organized by priority in efforts of improving your online visibility & overall website performance. 

Is Your Website Performing as Well As It Could?

Our technical SEO Audit will not only investigate and report on areas of improvement for your website but we will include direction on how to correct the issues as well as prioritization of implementation. 

Here are just a few on-page issues we address:
404 errors, search engine indexability, mobile compatibility, structured data, canonicals, pagination, xml sitemap, conversion rate improvements, HREFLANG, video, pdf, and analytics reliability so you can understand how your website is truly performing. 



Are You Maximizing Your Digital Effforts?

Our off-page techncial SEO audit reviews your digital properties as well as referral links to pinpoint both areas to focus on in efforts of cross promotion as well as continuing to build your overal digital marketing environment. 

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Building a Digital BluePrint for Success

Once the techncial SEO Audit is completed you will recieve a final document presenting the results of our findings. Throughout the process we cover over 150 points utilizing a combination of popular tools to deliver a blueprint to your digital success. During our final meeting we will review your website recommendations with your team to determine which items you would like to take in-house or if needed our team is happy to assist in next steps.